Two Kinds of Gods

(The Ultimate Reconciliation of Religions)

Brian Ahn




 There are two kinds of gods:

            A- god:  The cause of the universe.

            B- god:  The god described in the religious scriptures.

            Most people confuse A-god with B-god. No one knows what or who A-god is. B-god is what ancient people described based on their limited knowledge about the world. Theoretically speaking, there is only one A-god. But there can be, and are, numerous B-gods. Since ancient people had various different knowledge or opinions about the world, numerous kinds of B-gods came into being. I define A-god as true god. B-god is a man-made god or false god.


My point is this:  The universe and all things in it are the works of A-god and not of B-god. We can understand the works of true god (A-god) through rational and critical thinking, one by one and little by little. In this respect, science, not revelation, is the right way to understand the works of true god. For example, the microscope or telescope, rather than prayer or meditation, is the better tool to comprehend the works of true god.  A drop of vaccine can save the life of a dying patient better than one thousand prayers can. Developing scientific method of agriculture is the better means of producing bread, meat, and milk than asking god. Revelations are but the reflections of individuals’ limited knowledge/opinions about the world. We should note that ancient people knew very little about the universe, stars, solar system, weathers, earthquakes, volcanoes, diseases, epidemics, human mind, and so forth. What is more, ancient religious leaders were not free from tribal interests or prejudice. 


To date, religionists have used prayers, exorcism, inquisitions, witch trials, sacred wars, terrors, etc. to solve the problems of reality. But history tells us that none of these is the right solution.  Religion is rather a problem than solution. The author has studied the world major religions for many years and come to the conclusion that the better solution is to let the world know the correct history of how all the religious teachings or doctrines came into being. Take the doctrine of eternal life, for example; Moses (1200’s or 1300’s BCE) neither believed in nor taught eternal life, hell, heaven, etc. to his people. How do I know? The Torah or Pentateuch (the first five books of the Old Testament) proves this. There is not a positive word or line in the Pentateuch that has to do with eternal life.


The concepts of eternal life, heaven, hell, resurrection, last judgment, future savior, limbo/purgatory, etc. were originally the religious ideas of Zoroastrianism (1000’s BCE~) of ancient Persia, what is now Iran. These ideas/ doctrines of Zoroastrianism smeared into many (not all) Jews in the 500’s BCE during which the Persian Empire ruled most parts of the Middle East including Palestine. 


In Jesus’ time, the Pharisees believed in eternal life, resurrection, heaven, hell, angel, spirit, etc. whereas the Sadducees, who believed in only the Mosaic law (Pentateuch), rejected these ideas (Luke 20: 27).  Jesus abolished many Mosaic laws and taught, unknowingly, the major doctrines of Zoroastrianism to his followers in the name of his Father. So logically speaking, Jesus’ Father was Ahura Mazda, the god of Zoroastrianism, rather than Jehovah, the god of Moses. Mohammed (570-632) taught his followers about eternal life, resurrection, last judgment, heaven, hell, purgatory, etc. in the name of Allah, whom he identified with Mosaic god. Mohammed received the revelation from angel Gabriel that God’s curse was upon Jews and Christians because they had forsaken Mosaic god and that only Muslims were the true children of Mosaic god (Koran 9: 30-33).



This is the first half of the Preface of my book (manuscript) entitled Two Kinds of God."

The whole portion of the Preface is in the Attatchment.



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Hi Brian,

I agree with your theory, but wish some to add.

There are countless gods but only two basic types. The first type are themselves Universum. The second type are the civilizations that reached all knowledge and for them no more secrets. They have the power to create new universum which will appear in a new civilizations with the potential to one day become gods themselves. Also Universum in and of themselves create new universum in themselves.




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