I was listening to Rush today. I was rewarded this time by hearing him equate the liberal idea of Global Warming with the conservative belief in God. He went on to say that no matter how much you try to state facts it won't change their mind about their beliefs. They believe despite the evidence. Is Rush a closet Atheist?

Unfortunately whether or not he is...

A few minutes later he backtracked and did say that of course his belief in God and Jesus in a belief based on articles of faith...

Political pandering at its best!!

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He's not a closet atheist but at least he admits there's no proof for a god.
Yeah...it just shocked me to hear one of them say it.
It's more shocking that Rush Limbaugh said it.
That's what I thought too.
Rush just has to say things to shock everyone. It's how he makes money. I ignore his just like I ignore Anne Coulter. If I wanted to hear a bunch of extreme ideas, I'd go to church.
Rush is entertainment as are all radio and TV talking heads.

They say what they say to garner listeners and advertisers.

I heard Rush rail about how drug users should be locked up for the good of society, yet he didn't seem to be in a big hurry to be someones prison wife now did he?
Well you know that the war on drugs is only the war on the people who take street drugs by the people who take prescription drugs.




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