The Western civilization is in crisis.

Yet leftists keep advocating multiculturalism in the name of human rights.

Are the last days of human civilization coming?


Western world or the whole world might be revolutonized by Muslims if we do not do any practical measure. We should let the world know the origin and nature of monotheistic religions.


#1  CBN: Malmö, Sweden: Growing Muslim Influence   


#2   British Muslims want to take over the UK 

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The idea of multiculturalism is in direct conflict with the idea human rights, why leftists side with Islamists, and defend religion in general, I don't know.

I totally support multiculturalism within a set of boundaries. I also happen to support eugenics, syndicalism, cooperatives, and third way economics (commanding apex of capital is socialized).

I think multiculturalism can be very beneficial to broadening our experience vicariously and understanding more about the world.  We have a thing here called Folk Fest in Saskatoon that is a multicultural festival.  It is a venue for different cultures to show off their dance, art, food, drink.  It's a great party.  You can go salsa dance with the latinos or drink with the ukranians.  There are crafts and things for sale.  I have always enjoyed that. 

On the other side, I agree that the main irritant in the multi-culturalism thing is religion.  It's suspicion of the other culture, whether that's among the europeans or the muslims.  They each suspect that the other culture has it in for them.  And they are somewhat right in thinking that.  It's a vicious circle.  They laws need to be upheld whether they are religously problematic or not.  

We currently have a muslim man from Tunisia living with us for a while.  It has been very interesting to see where he fits in seamlessly and where he doesn't.  It has been an excellent learning experience for everyone in the household though, including him.


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