Would love to leave Georgia one day.  Too much religion and crime and ignorance here, and the state is quickly becoming more democrat.  We have 60% of blacks, whereas the whole of the US has only 13%.  Blacks usually vote democrat and are usually VERY religious.  The rednecks THINK they are republican yet often live their lives irresponsibly like a democrat.  They also abuse women and animals abd only want freedom for those who are exactly like themselves.  Where to go?  Which state in the US will maintain its true freedom and avoid socialism?

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I'm not too sure about that. Texas is used to being a state under a federal government. If it separated, it would lose its funding for public school systems and most other subsidized aspects of society, such as law enforcement, medicare, social security, the National Guard, military protection, etc... Yes, some of these things are directly paid for by the state, but not without federal help. The state itself does not pull in enough income to support its independence. It could possibly do it, but not without radical tax reformation and tons of unhappy citizens. Just my thoughts, though...
Oh, and statistically, South Dakota has the most libertarian "aspects" (no income tax, only 8.7% of land is owned by the federal government, supermajority to raise taxes, etc.) last time I checked... might have changed since then...


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