I keep changing my mind.  I like Newt Gingrich. Herman Cain is okay, but perhaps not careful enough with screening his own words (maybe that's forgivable).  I DID love Perry, but little by little I'm not trusting him...the religious event he held, the immigration policy in Texas, his waffling on the near-mandatory vaccination, in Texas, of girls.  He just seems TOO political and insincere. I hate Romney and don't know enough about the maybe-running obese Christy.

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I'm voting for Obama again.  I'm not in love with him, but he's better than the competition.  He's done a few things I like:  ending don't ask, don't tell, attempting to get universal health care, killing Osama Bin Laden and  Anwar Al-Awlaki, and hiring Eric Shinseki (probably the best Sec. of Veterans Affairs ever). 

I'm not in love with Obama, but the others will most certainly slash the VA budget and VA benefits for disabled veterans.  As one who has already "taken one for the team", I very concerned America's most deserving - it's disabled veterans - could get the shaft.  It probably doesn't matter to lot of people, but under Shinsaki, our Filapino allies from WWII who sacrificed so much for this country, finally received the reparations they were promised after over 50 years ago.  The agent orange vets from Vietnam who have protested and attempted to get  health care for 40 years or more - are finally getting the health care and VA benefits they have needed since the 70s.  That's all thanks Eric Shinsaki, Sec. of Veterans Affairs. He's done more to help all veterans (not just the post Sept 11 specials)  than all the others since shortly after WWII.  I may not like Obama that much, but I love Eric Shinsaki.

You'd think so, but I didn't vote  McCain because he told a group of the big three VSOs (veterans service organizations) - the VFW, Disabled American Veterans and the American Legion that veterans needed to "take on for the team" and accept decreased benefits.  You'd think by the way they talk, Republicans would be the ones to help vets, but mostly, they don't.  The folks who've done the most (in Congress) for vets are democrats. 


Nickelson, Bush's Sec of VA, had $2 billion in funding he couldn't account for.  One of his guys spent $35,000 on plane tickets for his mistress to fly first class from Florida to DC to see him.  There  was a lot of corruption in VA under Nickelson.  He was terrible.  VA workers wouldn't even answer the phone.  It would ring 18 or 20 times only to  be turned over to automcated system that wouldn't even take a message. I have only used the VA under Clinton, Bush and Obama.  I would rate Clinton as "needs improvement".  Bush as terrible and Obama - good job. 


IMO, Republicans are pretty good to the active duty.  Active duty loves them.  But Republicans are a lot less nice to veterans. 


I vote for whomever helps out vets and will respond when I write them.  I have had some good results writing to my new Senator Republican  Jerry Moran.  We'll see how he handles my most recent complaint.  He did get the local VA's tv station changed from religious programming which promoted going  off mental health treatment of all kinds and just pray more to something else.  Not a good idea to encourage vets to go off their happy pills!

I haven't decided yet.


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