Ethos is by Woody Harralson.Both are on netfix if you don't want to purchase them.
A big factor still undealt with is the unlegislated power of corporations-discussed both in The Corporation and Ethos. Regarding consumer ethics Ethos proposes we can limit their power over us by how we buy. Its a new meaning on democracy since they would not be able to switch gears fast enough to keep up with their dependency on how we fact. Then loss of profits forces them to cut their cloth to suit us rather tan the other way around.
Ethos have a web-site. They intend to post ethical company's not out to screw us.

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My husband and I spent six years traveling around the country in our motorhome.  Each time we stopped to become acquainted with an area, we tried to find locally made things to send home to the grandchildren.  We found some hats in West Virginia, quite a few products in a museum in Minnesota, and some baskets in South Carolina.  Almost everything else was made in China, the Philipeans, India, and other places where labor is cheap and conditions for the laborer are slave like.  Now there is a new slave-trade right here in America  It is America's prison population.  Where the USA has 5% of the world's population, it has 25% of the world's prison population.  Only 8% of that population is in for violent offenses.  CNBC and the ACLU both report that 1 out of 100 American adults are in prison and 1 out of 32 are in the criminal justice system (parole and probations).  If you count those who are unemployable because they are ex-offenders, the number is much higher.

this non-violent prison population is exploited.  They work for free or up to 80 cents a DAY and that labor is then sold to major corporations.  The list of companies that uses prison slave labor is as huge as the slave-labor made products overseas.  You can't even buy a hamburger at McDonalds without supporting slave labor (the uniforms are prison-slave labor made)

Because it is impossible to purchase anything without supporting slavery, the obvious answer is to stop buying anything new.  Don't spend ANY money that is not ABSOLUTELY essential to your and your family's survival.  Simplify, simplify, simplify.  Never buy new when you can buy used.  Never buy used when you can learn how to make.  By learning how to make, you have skills that you can use when the whole economy comes down.  Never throw away or keep  something you no longer want or need if it can be given to someone who has need.

Capitalism itself is the problem.  Capitalism means:
capitalizing on what others don't know, and then profiting by taking advantage of that.
taking advantage of bad things that happen to others. Profiting off the illness, accidents,
crimes, mistakes and catastrophes that happen.
It is also capitalizing on these 'breaks' and using that advantage to keep others down, thus maintaining
a disadvantage that works to your advantage and then:
Capitalizing on that advantage to widen the distance between those with and those without.
It is fraught with reasons for fear, greed, crime, creating inequality, poverty, slavery and so on.
It is by default, an unjust system that cannot be made just.

Studies prove that ALL of our social ills are directly connected to disparity of wealth.  Therefore, let's get rid of money.  Without wealth, there is no poverty.  Whithout wealth or poverty, there is equality.  With equality, there is mutual respect and cooperation.




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