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This was also posted on another AN group, but I think it's worthy of notice here as well.


"46 percent of likely GOP primary voters said they think interracial marriage should be illegal, while only 40 percent said they think it should be allowed. Another 14 percent said they were unsure.

It was only 45 years ago that Mississippi legalized interracial marriage, and this poll indicates it continues to be a controversial subject."


I looked at several websites, and could not find a critique of the poll.  Apparently it was conducted by telephone.  It could be via landline, which would exclude cell phone users.  It could also be that the source of the poll was  based on registered Republicans, which might bias the poll as well.


I looked at the original poll report, these were "hardcore republicans".  The pollsters do not discuss why other issues were not mentioned.  They don't poll other groups on that question, or break it down by race of respondent.

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I can't beleive people think like this either.  Your experience tells me that it is still occurring.


I keep thinking "that's all over now" then I see comments on news articles, or surveys like this one.  I wish the poll had more detail. 


Im sure as hell never heading for Mississippi, but there wasn't much chance of that anyway.

This is a peek into the values of the American Right (at least the sheep portion of it). They'll tell you the Civil War was about states rights and that it's Obama's socialist policies they object to and that Woody Allen is a pedophile but I have another idea as to what motivates them.

It's sad that it's so high, but it's not a peek into the values of the American Right in Mississippi without knowing the percentage of likely Democrat voters contacted and polled the exact same way. It could just be a peek into the values of Mississippians who use land-lines...which would weigh in at polling older voters.


Not that it would surprise me if it was much higher for Republicans, just that you can't tell from this info.


I agree.  I would also like to know the motivation of the pollsters for asking this question, but not about current hot topic issues like abortion, the wars, climate, same sex marriage, or their religious views.  It was just interracial marriage.  This seems suspicious and possilbly manipulative, but I can't put my finger on it.

Of course, we want more information on the polsters. Consider the source is a good rule-of-thumb on the web. Another source of error is the tendency of those asked to avoid sounding as bigoted as they really are.  

I can't believe this mentality exists. How ignorant are people in this day and age. I always think of retiring in the south and then I hear nonsense like this. Maybe i'll just endure the harsh winters in mg old age instead of being chased by bigots.

It sucks.  I find this scary and profoundly anger producing.  That's assuming the survey method itself isn't so biased or manipulated as to be meaningless.


It's possible that at least some southern states are not as bad - maybe Georgia?  Florida?  Although those are red states too.


The current migration of African Americans to the South should also impact that demographic, especially if it results in changes of economy and voting pattern.  I wouldn't rule out a warmer, more pleasant old age with fig trees and muscadine grapes in your yard just yet....  but watch out for hurricanes floods and tornadoes.  :-)



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