On Friday, a federal appeals court struck down Proposal 2, the 2006 Michigan constitutional amendment that banned affirmative action in college admissions, employment and contracting....  The controversy over affirmative action in government and public education appears headed for a return engagement before the U.S. Supreme Court, with the outcome uncertain...  in the wake of a federal appellate decision striking down Michigan's voter-approved ban from 2006....  both the Circuit and the Supreme courts are narrowly divided on hot-button social issues, experts said.


Oh boy, just in time for another national and presidential election. 


Since Proposal 2 was passed, she said, the number of black, Hispanic and Native American students enrolled in the freshman class at U-M has declined 11.4%. She said many students are going to public and private institutions which weren't banned from offering financial aid based on race, ethnicity or gender.


I read through comment sections on some of the news articles on this topic.  Not very rational, but that's probably par for the course.


In an economy when the racial divide has grown wider, I think educational opportunity from the earliest level to the top is vital.  This will be an ongoing battle.


When it gets to the supreme court, I think the judgement will come down against affirmative action. 


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With a legitimate K-12 education, affirmative action wouldn't be necessary at university. Too much focus is placed on college when our school system is failing to produce enough students who are ready for it.
The key words are "legitimate K-12".  That takes a society-wide effort with all engaged in preparing young people for adult life.
Wasn't there a federal court case (involving Michigan) a few years back regarding affirmative action in college admissions?

sad to say I have to agree with you, it will be the 5-4  again.

we are still struggling with all of our old issues class / color/ gender  which are being used by the ruling class to shore up their positions  even though this industrial  capitalist system is getting to its natural limits i.e.  the system does not need all of the people that it has anymore, so the first ones you get rid of are the easy targets

I think all we can hope for is that Obama gets reelected, and some of the old conservatives retire or have cancer and need to be replaced.  If the 2012 election results in a conservative, then forget it.



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