I don't know what to make of this.


it wont embed. here is the link. 60 minutes.


"We're a white civil rights organization"


"Our ideal America would be an America that is all white"


Jeff Hall supposedly took 30% of the vote....  for local water board.


"He was an amazing father.  He would do anything for his kids"


"Young Joseph decided to kill his dad to end the son vs. father thing"


"I wasn't surprised by it'  I thought somehow this was going to happen"


"They are being raised conservative republican.  We need more of those in California"


Im totally creeped out.  Psychopath kid raised by Nazi father murders dad; granny is raising the sibs as conservative republicans; she wants justice for her son's murder but not at the expense of her psycho 10 year old grandson who himself sounds like an episode of "Criminal Minds" in the making.

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No idea how to respond to this.

It's taking a while to sink in for me as well.   I have a feeling the kid is not going to turn out well.  Then there's the issue of the bad economy supporting racist groups - nothing new in southern california or anywhere else.





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