July 9, 2014
From Lisa Graves, editor@prwatch.org

Koch Exposed: Like His Father, Charles Koch Was a Bircher!

LisaDear Friends,

We suspected it all along, but now we have the goods that prove that Charles Koch was a member of the John Birch Society at the height of their attacks on the civil rights movement and civil rights leaders like Martin Luther King.

In the early 1960s Charles moved back to Wichita and followed in the footsteps of his dad Fred Koch who helped found the John Birch Society in 1958. We broke the story on DemocracyNow!, provided detailed excerpts of the anti-civil rights agenda, and launched a new wiki resource called Koch Exposed (of course). You can see our full special report in the new "Robber Barons" edition of The Progressive magazine which is hitting the stands this week!

Lisa Graves
The Progressive Inc. and the Center for Media and Democracy

They also created a wiki on the Koch Brothers.

It's disheartening that fossil fuel money was behind this cancer, even in the 60's.

What a sharp contrast to his Philanthropy Magazine PR.

In his student days at MIT, Charles G. Koch rigorously studied the laws of science and principles of engineering. Throughout his adult life, he has applied the same mental discipline to methodically investigating the preconditions for prosperity. It has led him to an intensive, lifelong study of free societies.

Koch’s studies have made him a passionate believer in free societies. [emphasis mine]

Yeah right, he loves science so much he funds junk science to counter climate science. He loves free societies so much he funds The John Birch Society.

Liar! Liar!

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