'Geography of Hate' Maps Racist, Homophobic, Ableist Tweets

Before you move to a new area you might want to check this map based on geotagged tweets.

I zoomed into  my state, PA, and found it corresponded roughly to my perceptions. On a visit to rural north-central PA we felt surrounded by racism and homophobia.

Some light areas, Wyoming for example, probably look good because there are so few people living there tweeting. A population balanced map would be more helpful.

I found it interesting that hotspots of hateful tweets appear in areas where there aren't even towns, this spot southwest of Corpus Christi, Texas, for example.



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Ruth, I find it interesting that the "big city centers" across the country, even in the traditionally racist/homophobic south, seemingly have the least amount of negative tweets, while most occur in pockets in very rural outlaying areas.  It appears that people living in large cities, wherever they may be, who are exposed daily to a very diverse population are more tolerant.  No surprise there.  The political spectrum of most large cities swings more toward the liberal left as well.

I have a few thoughts regarding the reddest areas.  It's my opinion that most of the people in these rural areas are under the influence of a small minority of very negative individuals or groups, who are perhaps in authority in local government or in prominent area churches.  I think the overall population is pressured into continuing a environment of hate in fear of speaking out and being ostracized.  These are, I'm sure, very small and tight knit communities where everyone knows everyone's business.  It would be very difficult to hold an opposing view without causing trouble or harm to oneself.  Without these radical, pervasive and authoritarian influences, I believe most people in these areas would have more tolerant attitudes.   

This is a very interesting map created from hate speech of tweets. 

In 1974, when I first started doing research on family violence, there were no books in Spokane public or college libraries with any information. I had to send away for dissertations by mail and receive copies of individual research projects. I ran across a researcher who began to think in terms of occupations of abusers to see if there was any correlation. She obviously knew correlation does not indicate cause, it indicates two factors occur together, cause unspecified. She used a technique in which she looked for incident rate of family violence x occupation of abuser x 1,000 population. She found the five top abusers by occupation were religious ministers, physicians, lawyers, law enforcers and truck drivers. The lowest incident rage was symphony orchestra conductors. Carpenter, plumbers, retail sales, gardeners and electricians came lower on the incident rate charts. Even poor people fell below the five she named. 

She hypothesized that people with take-charge attitudes necessary to do their jobs also had take charge attitudes in their families. Taking charge included 1. instrumental behaviors (doing what was necessary to take control of a situation); 2. reference to higher authority (god, laws); 3. black & white thinking (there is one right way and all other ways are wrong); 4. obedience (do what you are told); 5. I forget. 

She theorized the orchestra conuctor needed to have everyone on board with a common goal and anyone who did not agree to that was eliminated from the team. Authority of the members of the orchestra yields leadership to the conductor. 

I wonder how this tweet chart would look if it were shown per 1,000 people? Would a new configuration appear? 

The map, shown larger, is shocking, indeed. 

Thanks, Ruth, for this great find.


I hope this shows the entire USA. 

If this map doesn't show the entire USA, just scroll on the bar to show a wider area of map. The shocking one is the entire USA. 



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