It's interesting to read about race from a different perspective.


"... politicians and media elites have become fond of using racialist concepts in discussing politics and ethnic relations. It is now commonplace to read pundits trumpeting the supposed virtues and interests of the "Yoruba race" or the "Igbo race.""


So we have, native Nigerian politicians, inciting "racism" of one African against another.


"This thesis, which implies fundamental racial differences among Nigeria's different ethnic groups, is fraught with contradictions"


I won't try to quote the entire article - the link is there to read.    I did like the statement that "  Identity, far from being a divine birthmark, is often a product of the complex interaction of sociology, anthropology and politics. Ethnic groups are not everlasting, dogmatic bequests from heaven or antiquity. They are fluid and flexible configurations shaped by the flux of ideas and historical circumstances. They are not biological entities."


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I will read the article - I hadn't hear this.


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