Never in my life have I seen such blatant disrespect and disregard for public decorum for a sitting president as this video shows.  Yes, I hated having G.W. Bush in office; a lot of people did.  Yes, I fancied and fantasized at the thought of him being tried for war crimes.  Yes, I know Bush had a shoe thrown at him; that was by an Iraqi correspondent in a foreign country.  But here, at home, literally on his home turf - in the garden of his home - Obama is heckled by a reporter right in the middle of a speech.

My reason for posting this story in this forum is because I truly believe that certain formalities are being trampled on ONLY because Barack Obama is black.  I truly believe there is a racist undertone driving this disrespect.  During Obama's 2009 State of the Union address he was heckled with a shout of, "You lie!" by South Carolina Representative Joe Wilson.  Yes, both parties have engaged in "boos" and "sneers" at presidential speeches, but never to the point of outright yelling.  In formal settings reporters have always waited until the end of a speech to begin asking questions.  Never before have they shouted above the president whilst making his official statements -  until today.  I truly think there is a segment of our population that simply cannot stand to see a black man as our president and as a result they have no outward difficulty showing their total disdain.  

I'm not a big fan of the Huffington Post, but here's the link:  Story/Video


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Yeah even if you don't like the President you should be respectful anyway.

TFA, I agree with you.  The other example that comes to mind is Arizona governor Jan Brewer giving the president an in-you-face finger pointing lecture.  She's  not a reporter but it was equally bad. 


As for this clown Neil Monro, he seems to be from the "Breitbart" school of journalism.  His style is the same as Breitbart.   MSNBC has an analysis as well.  The disrespect and attempted bullying is more aggressive, more open, more acceptable "because this president does not look like the others". 


Ages ago, when I was a young soldier, I was taught that regardless of what I thought of someone in a leadership position, the position itself was to be respected.   Even if you hate your captain, you have to respect the position of captain.  The same goes here, only more so.  Even if they hate the president, or "what" he is, the position of the president is to be respected.  That Munro does not respect the position of the president, means he should not be given further access to the white house press corps.  Fine, he hates the president - he should campaign for, and vote for the alternative in the next election.


Given that his employer lauded Monro, others from his website should not be given a press pass either.  I'm not linking to it because I don't want to reward them with web traffic.

Sentient, thanks for the links.  In the MSNBC segment, Joe Williams really sums it up: "this president has been de-legitimized since day one."  It really exposes the old racist notion that Barack Obama, or people of color in general, are not quite fully equal.  This story has really gotten under my skin.  As a gay person I recognize that these are the exact same sentiments rendered upon gay people from the anti-gay crusaders:  the notion that we're not quite fully human and not eligible for equal rights, but rightfully subject to disdain, scorn, physical abuse and marginalization.  Right-wing conservatives can say all they want like "We're not racists, it's his politics and policies we're against."  But I can see right through to the core of what is driving their degradation and lack of respect for this man.

I agree.  I am worried about this election.  If the right wing wins, they are so bitter and so aggressive it will make the Bush debacle pale in comparison.   That's because the Rebublican party has moved further to the right, and they've worked themselves into a self-rightious frenzy.   Even though he's only human, and I don't agree with everything, Obama has been such a change for the better.  The weird thing is so many christians see him as not christian.  It seems like that's because he's black.  So then, what does that say about how christians feel about black christians in general, and what black christians think about white christians?  Damn, people should quit judging each other and get along.

That's a good point about christians not even seeing Obama as a "real" christian.  We all know how the christians place non-christian's in a lower grade on their societal hierarchy. 



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