also,data regarding the states.

Basically, it boils down to what most already know.

Whites usually live longer than Blacks

The difference is wider in some states, and narrower in others.

Women live longer than men.

So if you want to live a long life, you should be careful to choose the right gender, the right race, and the right state, in terms of longetivity.

Further breakdown of ethnicity isn't there- for example Native American, Latin populations, Asian subgroups.

The CDC has more detail, here.  There is a nice graph white/black/men/women - white women live the longest, followed by black women, then followed closely by white men, then black men.  

LiveScience, like other summarizing sites, is limited on analysis, and often the links go, not to the summarized paper, but to other links within LiveScience.  The original paper is here.

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Thanks for the article.

Thank you.  I post on things that I like to explore and think about.


These studies are sadly incomplete.  Like your thoughts, my impression is that life expectancy is less dependent on race/ethnicity than it is on socioeconomic and regional issues. A really thorough analysis would parse out the effects of locale, life style, diet, local crime, incarceration rates, pregnancy rates, joblessness and availability of medical care, etc.  For example, remembering that distribution of HIV is very much affected by ethnicity, and that is not genetic.  I don't think there is any good evidence that race/ethnicity by itself affects life expectancy, but I could be wrong.



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