from dandcentre here.  This would have been interesting to attend.  the videos are really not very informative, but interesting to browse.



From wikipedia here"Scientific racism is the use of scientific, or ostensibly scientific, findings and method to investigate differences among the human races to support or validate racist world-views, "


I won't copy and paste the entire Wikipedia article.  It's an interesting but sometimes tedious read.  Although, noting, ""The myth of ‘race’ has created an enormous amount of human and social damage. In recent years, it has taken a heavy toll in human lives, and caused untold suffering”.  And continues to cause immense strive and suffering to this day.


It's easy to pick religion as "the source" or racism."  In fact, it's worth continuing to examine religion as both having some of the same cultural roots as racism, and as a major (maybe THE major)vehicle for racist practices.  It's also easy to claim, as atheists, and skeptics, that we are somehow "above" racism.  But nothing is as easy as it seems


During the development of modern science, there was a very long learning curve.  The hardest cultural biases to drop were those related to, "we are the forefront and we are superior".  This is not unique to Northern Europeans - Romans, Egyptians, Turks, Mongolians, Chinese, and probably many other cultures (Aztec?) contained the same "home team" sense of superiority, and used religion and pseudoscience to justify those beleifs.  However, as our most recent and successful engines of science and technology, Northern Europe and the US provide the freshest examples of "scientific" but really self-justified racism. 


I offer this topic for 2 reasons.  First, so that we don't forget that everyone, no matter how rational or skeptical we are, can fall to irrational conclusions about important issues, such as racism.  Second, there are examples on the web from Christian apologists, claiming that atheism is a "cause" of racism, including the American enslavement and segregation of Africans and their descendents, and the German industrialized Holocaust.  I think it's much more complex than that, and probably relates more to common origins of religious AND scientific racism, but I don't have proof of my hypothesis.




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No doubt, scientific racism occurs; us and them exists in the human condition and religion makes the error worse. I do not believe in a hierarchy of one race over another, but rather an "Indra's Net" of differences. All races are linked by some common ancestry with incredible differences between groups and within groups. I am not better because I am white, and I am not better, period! I exist, you exist, we exist differently.
Scientific racism has quite a history, which I studied in depth in 1975 when the humanist movement thought its biggest issues were astrology, spoon-bending, and euthanasia. I've always found the atheist/humanist/movement rather intellectually limited and insipid, not having evolved past the year 1800, or 1900 at best. Atheism/humanism in the English-speaking world has never honestly grappled with the nature of secular ideologies, or the concept of ideology in general, and if it did, it itself would be exposed as ideological.



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