lest we forget, there are still wars & ethnic violence


"more than 16,000 civilians have fled ethnic violence in the northern Democratic Republic of the Congo. The UNHCR says the refugees crossed the Oubangui River into neighboring Republic of Congo to find safety after their villages were burned. "

... "this latest violence, which is taking place in the west of the DRC is unrelated to fighting going on in the east. That conflict, he says, has displaced 1.7 million people within the country."

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At least these ones are fighting for sensible reasons: i.e., basic survival (lack of water, soil erosion, depleted halieutic resources). Makes me think these clashes could have been avoided with a bit of clever management and help from the international community.

The sad thing is, even if these basic needs are fulfilled, it's likely resentment between these ethnies will remain for years, and further conflicts may break out in the future for way more futile reasons.



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