Maddow Asks: 'Why Do We Overlook Right-Wing Violence and Refuse to ...

White people see terrorism as what "other people" do. When white male terrorists strike, they're "just bad individuals". In the US we avoid a national conversation about the pathology of white culture.

Domestic terrorism is an oxymoron in America when white folks are involved. Whiteness imagines itself as kind, benign, safe, neutral, normal, and good. "Terrorism" is something those "other people" do, i.e. the Muslims, or some other ambiguous cohort of black and brown people who "hate American values". Whiteness and the white racial frame are possessed by an acute sense of historical amnesia as well. The most dangerous domestic terrorist organization in the history of the United States was the Ku Klux Klan, a group that killed thousands of black Americans during the 19th and 20th centuries.

Again, Whiteness has the ability to transform and shift empirical reality for its owners and those invested in it.

Whiteness also grants white people in America the freedom to always be a blameless individual. By implication, white people, by virtue of their racial group membership, are incapable of ill deeds as a group. White people who do bad things are just "bad individuals".

Whiteness is also a type of mass psychosis, one that is predicated on a rubric that  those people now considered white (see: the Boston Massacre suspects) can have their racial identity revoked retroactively...

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The pathology isn't rejection of bad actors as not representative--that's normal--, but the power to effectively enforce their self-perception on minorities while excepting minorities from the same privilege. 



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