What are your thoughts on the sociopolitical/economic/religious topics at the end of decade. Also, given the rise in the number of non-theists in the United States do you ever think that our community of non-theists will gain momentum and influence or just remain on a steady slope as more theists continue to "poke", preach, and proselytize to it's many sheep. I hope when i'm 100 years old i can look into a history book and find this decade listed as " The decade in which we lost our ignorance to religious privilege, and religious extremism."

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Hmmm. I wish I could say that I agreed with you. I don't see it though. Perhaps for a small percentage of the population it might be true, however, the majority of people are still ignorant to religious extremism - they just blame the other religion, meanwhile, reciprocating with their own version, sometime physical, sometimes mental/attitudinal. I don't think they're aware of the privilege either - look how readily a huge segment of the population takes up the cry of a purported "War on Christmas!" for example.
People have to get past the idea that atheists organizing is bad. Because we lack religious belief, it doesn't mean that we all agree politically and that makes things even harder to organize...but hell I'm preaching to the choir here. ^_^
I think the various religions are in many ways a lot like micro-organisms. Colonies of bacteria will try and kill off foreign species from the immediate vicinity and form a mono-culture. We see this same behavior with religions trying to cleans geographical areas of competing beliefs either with evangelism or simple violence. Before all this technology, the spread of ideas was limited by sheer distance, like lidded petri dishes separated on a table. Now with the internet and free exchange of ideas, the petri dishes are opened and find themselves all sharing the same space. Competition is going to get fierce. If we've developed enough as a species, that should mean the religions will self-annihilate. If we haven't, we will eventually end up with a single dominant worldwide religion.. Golden Compass anyone?


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