Hey guys we really need to start thinking of ways to make some money, so we can have t-shirts, and some other things ready for next years convention. We have a whole year to plan and we really need to take advantage of it. Any ideas????

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We could 'discover'' some toast with a burn in the shape of a platypus and sell it on eBay. Just kidding, and we'd probably be better off avoiding the evolution side-issue anyway.
I was thinking more on the lines of a burnt image of the FSM on a tortilla but thats just me :P
For real though we need to think of something to prepare for the Free Thought Convention in 2010.
I still like the "livestrong" bracelet idea, but the number of characters is very limited, and anything with an atheist message would be hard to sell in this town.

Hell any fundraising is difficult considering what we are raising funds for, but something neutral like Bailey's coffee idea might work, if people are willing to actually sell them.
ya i really like that coffee idea. since each bag makes one cup of coffee and a bag is only $1. plus i don't know but there are supposed to be a lot of different flavors.
Is the goal to make money AT the convention, or money to travel to the convention?
We really need to do both!




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