Am having a rousing discussion about spirituality on another website and have just been presented with this by an apologist for Christianity.

Starting with the Old Testament there are many rules, including many  having to do with cleanliness and certain foods to eat.  If you look  back in time, many of those rules make sense for the times.  Without  refrigeration shellfish would have had a tendancy to go bad quickly.  It may have simply been easier to say, Thou shalt not eat shellfish.  Rather than attempting to say Thou shalt not eat shellfish if it has  been out of the water and exposed to tempatures in excess of 40 degress  Fahrenheit for more than 3 hours, at which time it might have gone bad.

I'm fairly sure, I've heard Hitchens ridiculing this line of argument that the bible is this benign list of good hygiene recommendations, and was about to set off down a similar line of dismemberment.

However given the lateness of the hour and that I shan't have to reply until at least tomorrow, I thought I'd see some advice and any good ideas on what is wrong with this.

For context, the rest of the argument goes along the lines of: the shellfish thing being a bit of a segue and occuring in the middle of the following:  "The bible says we should kills gays but we eat shellfish therefore Jesus is real and loves everyone even the gays."

Bring your sharpest pointy sticks of barbed argument and come help me build the tiger trap of rationality

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