Any calligraphers among the crafty atheists?

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Nobody? Maybe I need to start a Society of Skeptical Scribes.
Oh man I was into that when I was in high school :P
I started when I was about 16 or so, in high school myself. I stopped for many years, except to address the occasional invitation or birthday card. I recently picked it back up again.
Nice :) it was more of a mandatory thing for me in highschool, or should i say homeschool, i guess for a godly young lady it was more acceptable to learn arts and homemaking than science and history and how the world works..sadly homemade cards and letters are becoming a thing of the past it seems, though i still encourage my kids to make homemade cards quite often.
I'm sorry you were forced into it! That takes a lot of the fun out of any art or craft, being forced to take part in it. I'm glad you're encouraging your kids to be crafty. My mom is a crafty person, so she always encouraged my brother and I to be creative with crafts. As it is, I'm a bit obsessed with crafts. I sew a little, write calligraphy, make jewelry, sculpt with polymer clay, tie fishing flies, make my own paper, scrapbook and work with wire. I also make candles and I tumble glass and rocks.
Not calligraphy specifically, but I do have quite a bit of calligraphy fountain pen nibs that I write my stories with, longhand, before typing them up and editing them as I do so.




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