So far I've got:
a prophet with undiagnosed and unmedicated epilepsy or schizophrenia;
the religion's origin story;
a woowoo mechanism;
instructions for life.

For an example, Islam:
Mohammed (epilepsy);
origin story = an angel told him this stuff in a cave;
God makes magic happen, including the afterlife;
The stuff that muslims do.

Or christianity:
Paul (I'm going for the 'Jesus is made up' angle);
Paul: "Jesus, the son of god, blah blah."
Have faith and god will do magic, also the afterlife
The stuff that christians do

What else are some essentials that I'm missing, or might that really be everything?

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What about the universe's creation story?

Also a villain, like Satan in the Bible.

Maybe a chosen people, perhaps the Scottish.

Some miracles that have no way to be verified.




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