Hey folks, Eli here as you know we're podcasting over at Chariots of iron and I'm going to be doing a segment on "creationist abuse of science" for our next show.

This is segment will cover creationists use of other scientific disciplines in an attempt to disprove evolution/cosmology/planetary formation/etc...

So, if you'd like pick your favorites, or even ones that puzzle you, I may pick one of yours (you'll be fully credited, as mojoe does for the news segments) and feature it in the segment.

The one's I've picked so far are (these may change):

Evolution vs. thermodynamics
The solar system and the conservation of angular momentum

Laws of Physics implies a lawgiver fallacy

The "presuppositions" of science vs. the presuppositions of creationists.

plus I'll be pointing out some of the more ridiculous "debunks" of scientific theories found on youtube and the like..

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Wow, that sounds like one of Edward Current's...
Love that one, I'll be hitting that one in an upcoming episode on radiometric dating... yes, I feel it deserves a whole episode.
Acid gets a bad rap from ignorant people. acids can be so mild as to be innocuous, for example vitamin C. Not everything dissolves in even strong acids. Sulfuric acid is probably the most notorious acid. It's effect is not because it is an acid but because it removes water from anything it touches. sugar and cellulose have many hydroxyl groups. these are removed as water leaving a carbon residue. By the way stomachs contain a high concentration of hydrochloric acid without dissolving.
Thanks for the Biochem Donald. Although for my hydrochloric acid has always been the favorite. Played a lot with it in high school.
"Its a conspiracy to hide the truth of God by the evil atheist scientists"
Theres nothing like a conspiracy they explain why there is no evidence supporting your claims.




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