To be a creationist you must believe in god. As a chemist I do not see how any chemist can believe in god. If you believe the bible is true, then you have to believe in alchemy! Jesus is alleged to have converted water into wine. This means converting oxygen or hydrogen into carbon. For Jesus to walk on water a physicist would have to suspend belief that a body displaces its weight in water. Or believe that surface tension had increased at least a million times. Yet rational people still profess to believe in the Christian god. The only way for this to occur is for the brain to compartmentalize the two beliefs. Like multiple personalities do not know the others exist, when thinking about science religion does not exist and vice versa.
Using this same reasoning on all the other branches of science it becomes clear that no one who believes in science should believe in god.

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People are great at suspension of disbelief, it's why Horror movies are successful a the box-office. Some people take it a step further and throw this into their real lives and continue to persist that their religion is "true" their holy book "perfect" despite any evidence to the contrary.

Most scientists that are religious that I hear speak fall into one of the following four categories:
1.) Compartmentalized mind - those who somehow fence off the religion from their work.
2.) Bad scientists - Those whose methodology has been compromised by their religious beliefs, or those who attribute the blocks in their understanding to the supernatural.
3.) Non-conflicting field - Those scientists who work in field that would never run up against religion, although some of these I would hesitate to call "scientists" such as mathematicians.
4.) Deliberate deceivers - Discovery institute hacks who *KNOW* they're doing it wrong but are trying to promote thier agenda and using their degrees merely to add weight to their arguments.
These are all good points. I was referring to to the chemists I worked with who were good scientists and not deceivers. Another point, in the field of Physics, god made the rainbow as a promise not to destroy the earth by flooding. In other words refraction of light did not occur previously. This is an example of primitive people trying to explain something they did not understand, like evolution. No. 4 is an example of how faith trumps known facts. Even mathematics is contradicted by the bible, but I know of no mathematician who insists that Pi is 3.
Another possible reason/explanation is Cognitive Disonance. There have been some interesting studies on it. Don't recall names off the top of me head but I could probably find a few if you're interested in exploring the concept.




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