Case Western University in Cleveland Ohio has planned a series of activites to celebrate the 200th year of Charles Darwin's birth.
The website is:
This should be a National trend, especially this year

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The correct address is
We have Michael Shermer speaking at our Darwin Day in Sacramento, CA. I'm looking forward to seeing him speak. I enjoy his writing and respect his balanced approach whenever he speaks as well. He doesn't ever seem to let someone off the hook with regard to bias even if he may agree with their conclusions.

:-) John
I'm hosting a Darwin Day event in Marietta, GA- can anyone help me find evolution themed decoration?
My only suggestion is that you have videos or PowerPoint slides in continuous projection on various walls;
and that some of them show Darwin's animal-world favorites like crawling beetles and other bugs, tortoises and birds, . . .
and sprouting seeds with shoots extending as they visibly grow.
I was watching a new Darwin biopic two nights ago, and each time that a book page was shown for whatever reason, we saw a beetle or a climbing plant creeping over it.




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