Post links for good science articles here! Crushing creationism and ID through knowledge...

To start us off:

Another missing link in human evolution

Closing the gap from sea to land
Another gap filled

When all the gaps are gone... where is your creationist God?

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Nice, I've got some links over in the Youtube thread, but they're more general information.

TalkOrigins is a great resource, a whole site dedicated to debunking and addressing creationist lies. The fact is that most creationists do not understand evolution at all, lump it in with other theories (cosmology and abiogenesis) and of course, straw-man the heck out of all three.
Yeah, I saw the general thread but I figured we could use a thread for very specific scientific debunkings and filling-in of fossil records as they come up in the news.

Here's another great one:
The Toumai Fossil
Wow, very interesting article. Thanks for posting it!
This article should provide some good ammunition against the old creationist stalwart "well, no one's ever SEEN evolution happen...":
INCREDIBLE. This gets bookmarked immediately.



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