I've discovered that Ken Ham's material for the Answers-in-Genesis contains his booklet entitled.

"Raising Godly Children In An Ungodly World" is actually instructing parents to abuse their own children.

He tells them that he would use corporal punishment and the mental abuse follows the B.I.T.E mind control principles. 

So he is asking them to mentally abuse the children in the name of getting a new generation to follow his contrived lies.

Here is the video associated with his booklet, Part 3 of 4 of his "Raising Godly Children" lecture, this and part 4 is where he describes how to mentally abuse children to Indoctrinate them into belief in nonsense.

I found his suggestions to parents rather scary, he is almost another Adolf Hitler, turning the Germans against the Jews, in this case, turning Children against Evolution, using such mind control techniques that the Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses currently practice, as they are experts in mind control.


On the B.I.T.E. mind control model: https://freedomofmind.com/Info/BITE/bitemodel.php

Maybe some day Ham could be charged with Encouraging or Ordering Child Abuse.

If only rationality could be so Lucky??

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