I get tired of trying to explain memes to people here who've never heard of them. Does anybody know of good links that introduce the basic concepts for ordinary folks? Wikipedia is too abstract, detailed, and historical. I need memetics 101. Also, the books I used are a bit outdated. Anybody have a list of current introductory memetics books?

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I like Susan Blackmore's The Meme Machine, 2000, Oxford University Press.

That does look like a good place to start, Steph. I've read The Meme Machine and Virus of the Mind, but I'll spend some time reading this site as well.

Ruth, Susan's The Meme Machine is the Bible of Memetics.  A must read to understand what it's all about.  She has a TED lecture that's very good also.  My book, Mirror Reversal, is one of the few novels I know of with a glossary of terms in the back.  The only others are 1984 and Clockwork Orange.  (Not bad company.) 

It's a terrible shame the way memetics has been pooh-poohed and downplayed by the academic community.  It sure works for me and explains a lot.  Check out my video on youtube on "endmeme". 

I believe the reason memetics has failed as a science is because the majority of the people on the world don't like hearing that their most dear and profound religious beliefs are nothing more than the paracitism of a computer virus. 



Susan's TED lecture is excellent as a way to contextualise memetics in today's chronoscopic society.

Thanks for the suggestions!

I got my book from Amazon Today -- here's the website for the book



The God Virus:
How Religion Infects Our Lives and Culture
By Darrel W. Ray, Ed.D.

So excited -- can't wait to read it


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