Once I learned the power of memetics I started imagining weird stuff. Picture this: I saw a movie when I was a kid in 1953—Invaders from Mars. One of the great early sci-fi movies, along with The Thing.

The evil monster was a head with numerous tentacles inside a fishbowl (you can see it at the end of the trailer.) When it pointed a tentacle at a freaky-looking slave that looked like a walking potato sack, it did the head's bidding. If you never saw this movie you're in for a treat.

That's the way it is with religious meme complexes. The invading brain tumor points to an idea in the brain, and the membot obeys: get a tatoo of a cross, wear rosary beads around your neck, kiss the floor and stick your ass up in the air, tell everyone you know about "The Word." What else could convince a person to join an order, climb up a mountain to a little shack, and stay up for the rest of life, praying and reading the Bible?

Or how about blowing oneself up for instant martyrdom?

When the memeplex points its tentacle, obey? God will bless you.

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Too funny. Those old shows are a riot. I just watched Attack of the 50-Foot Woman this month.

Yes, I think you are right about how the religous memebots work. That is exactly how it happens.
Richard: Great film, I totally forgot about it. In my book I site the Invasion of the Body Snatchers, but this one is equally relevant to the religious memeplex.
Thanks Darrel. Here's what we do: Let's produce a TV sitcom show called "Membots from Mars" depicting the silly things religious people do, like wearing relics (bones) around their neck,
flagellating themselves, telling strangers their most intimate thoughts, or lighting a candle and saying prayers over it. We can squeeze in the show between The Partridge Family and I Love Lucy.
That's interesting - once I did a metaphorical sketch depicting a meme as a giant blob with tentacles connecting people. Maybe I'll clean it up and post it.

The theme of Invaders from Mars pops up from time to time in Sci-fi/ fantasy:
John Carpenter's the Thing
Invasion of the Body Snatchers
The Exorcist
Several episodes from various Star Trek series
- I'm sure there's more.
Funny you should mention the Body Snatchers, Darrel Ray made the same connection in an earlier comment. Darrel has some thought-provoking videos on Hypnosis on Youtube.

I'm glad I'm not the only one conceptualizing memplexes in such vivid terms. Meme complexes are like tumorous parasites that take over the mental apparatus of the host. I'd love to get up in front of my local Baptist churches (they're all over the place here in Florida) and do a PowerPoint demonstration of memeplex dictatorship of the mind. I think one of the reasons memetics hasn't "taken off" is because billions of people don't relish the idea that they are mere slaves of a ruthless, SELFISH tumor that has commandeered their mind.

I'd love to see their faces when that sinister, mousy, slimy head starts pointing his tentacles with its unique version of remote control—from a fish bowl yet.
Hey, George. Thanks for the comment but I really gotta tell you that the original The Thing is a clasic and Carpenter's isn't in that league. I saw it around five times over the years. What an irony that the actor who played the thing wound up being Matt Dillon on the old Gunsmoke show. It was made right after WWII and caught a lot of the fear prevalent at the time. My teachers were telling me to duck under my desk in case of an atomic bomb. No bull.


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