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The memetic hazard sign is supposed to mean "bad idea", based on the incandescent light bulb for idea meme.

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What a great idea.  We can place these signs on church pews, synagogue doors, and those prayer rugs the Muslims use. 

We can recommend caution of statements from priests, rabbis and mullahs known as memetic hooks:

1)  God loves you.

2)  Heaven awaits the good and hell the evil.

3)  The poor need your help.  Please put money in the poor box.


A vaccime is counter information which wards off the attack of the meme:

1)  If God is good why did He create people He knew were going to hell?

2)  What heaven?  Sounds like a pretty boring place to me.

3)  Why are the poor and starving in worse shape now than ever, in spite of all the money thrown at them for decades?  Giving them money does no good.  Try building birth control clinics.


Education in general works as a strong vaccime, especially math and science to help build analytical skills.  In particular, evolutionary biology helps to clarify how it all came to be so we don’t need these daffy myths.





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