What’s Your Meme? Changing the Climate Change Conversation

Memetics is finally being applied to climate change messaging. You can submit candidates at the blog above, or via twitter or facebook.

Mr. Brewer and Mr. Karafiath hope to develop memes that variously target a broad swath of cultural contexts, whether from a national, political or demographic point of view.

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Ruth, meme making is not as easy as it first appears. If we think of a meme as a virus that was  caught/taught to teach old values, to create new values that will catch on we need new memes, some idea or image or ditty. I copied two from 

Memes, Metaphors, and the Military

I hope this helps to get started.

I hope you also suggested them to climatememe.

Climatememes has a nice summary of memetics. (Link is to a page on their brand new website)

This new science has been around for a few decades in nascent form, with all the necessary elements developed and tested across a number of research fields. Basically, you can think of Meme Science as the combination of:

  1. Capturing of ideas, stories, and experiences that have real meaning in people’s lives;
  2. Statistically analyzing the emotional and semantic content of the “cultural units” to reveal how they relate to each other;
  3. Constructing a meme landscape that maps out the social ecosystem of ideas and their interrelationships;
  4. Revealing the social networks that connect people and ideas through their various conversation channels;
  5. Gathering insights about what people are thinking and how they feel in order to provide communication and engagement guidance that resonates with them and leads to actual changes in behavior.

Meme science is comprised of inputs from complexity theory, network science, social psychology, statistical mathematics, and neuroscience. When these building blocks are brought together, it becomes possible to treat cultural dynamics as a pattern language that behaves like a full-fledged ecosystem. There are aspects of culture that nurture the spread of some ideas alongside other aspects of culture that limit or prey upon them.





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