Susan Blackmore on The Future of Memes - Pop!Tech Conference, 2005

Susan Blackmore, the author of The Meme Machine, gives a very good overview of memes. She describes a number of memetic terms an concepts, and clears up some misunderstandings.

He has an entertaining and humorous speaking style (although she can get a little carried away). Note that she was displaying slides during this lecture so you have to infer some things she is talking about.

Memetics is an intellectually rich but controversial field which seeks to explain how our minds and cultures are designed by natural selection acting on replicating information, just as organisms evolve by natural selection acting on genes. Sue Blackmore, one of the field's leading thinkers, skillfully unfolds the major arguments for a meme's-eye view of the world, and explores the implications for humanity. Are our brains best seen as machines invented by and for propagation of selfish memes?

Direct mp3 download - about 20 megabytes.

Alternate link - Mefeedia

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I had access to youtube so searched on Susan Blackmore and there was a great TED lecture. I don't know if it's the same as this mp3 download link - I'll have to see if I can get that downloaded onto my ipod.

She's very interesting. So far the topic follows the trends that I expected, except that the lecture added the concept of a 3rd type of evolving, replicating (life-form?), "temes" which she views as technological memes that evolve and grow. I suppose the internet would be a good example. I hope that her book expounds more on this topic so that i can understand more fully.
This is a different lecture (the TED talk was from 2008). I posted the 2005 recording because it gives an excellent introduction to memes.


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