George Monbiot noted Aug 28th, 2012 as the day the world went mad.

The day the world went mad

How are we going to explain to our children, he said, "Why it all went so wrong?" While the planet hurtles through tipping points toward an uninhabitable future, media discuss more important issues such as the location of another airport runway.

I wonder whether we could be seeing a form of reactive denial at work: people proving to themselves that there cannot be a problem if they can continue to discuss the issues in these terms.


The Republican party's leading lights either deny climate change altogether, or argue that people can adapt to whatever a changed climate may bring, so there's nothing to worry about.

The deluge of reality has had no impact on the party's determination to wish the physical world away.

When your children ask how and why it all went so wrong, point them to yesterday's date, and explain that the world is not led by rational people. [emphasis mine]

This leaves open the question, who or what does lead the world? Individual madness doesn't cut the mustard. What accounts for our collective madness, then?

To what extent does our complex system of cultural institutions, memeplexes, and entangled human beings qualify as "mad"? While undertows of memetic-poisoned information and capital flowing through cultural channels pull us toward self immolation, is it even possible to step back enough to comprehend our situation?

Can memetics free us from twisted "framing" long enough to regain control of civilization?

As I see it, memetics isn't some ivory tower abstraction. It's a tool we need to fight for survival.

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I am wondering who or what leads the world too.

Maybe corporations?




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