Many Atheists continue to talk about theism for decades after they've stopped buying into the spooks. My position ,that it's better develop a theism-meme free world is often incomprehensible to some. This excerpt from an article on word use, Cracking the Semantic Code: Half a Word's Meaning Is 3-D Summary of... gives a nonmemetic perspective to the issue of continued use of theism concepts.

...they also found that how frequently a word was used was also a good predictor of how much we like it. This is a well-known effect -- the 'mere exposure effect' ...

This implies that an Atheist who spends lots time and energy disparaging theism still likes theism, because he or she can't stop reaching for those memes. Personally I feel irritated by theist memes and would rather not "hear" them in an Atheist social network. I don't have  lots of positive associations pulling me to the words.

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Ruth, thankfully you bring this subject up again and with mental images that help. I, and I assume others, work on this concept of theism as "virus," "poo," and other such negative concepts. I have a photo of "poo" on my computer to remind me.
I feel like a fish in water ... does a fish recognize water?
Because I am imbedded in a matrix of theism, its reality confronts me often. Thinking in terms of exposing the matrix of theism, I fail to identify and create a matrix of atheism. I dislike asking others to help me break that pattern; however I seriously want to extinguish theism out of my mind.


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