When I go, this is what I want.


White Eagle Memorial Park. naturalburialground.com


From their website:  20 beautiful acres set within 1100 acres of permanently protected oak and ponderosa forest, meadow and steppe on the edge of spectacular Rock Creek Canyon near the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. Deer, coyote, cougar, eagles, steelhead in the canyon creek, the occasional bear or lynx . . . all are present here. There are no invasive weeds, no fences, no noise, no sign of humans really other than the little road that takes you to the edge of this nature preserve cemetery.

They are in Goldendale, WA.


There are other green burial cemeteries in the US. 



For all anyone knows, I'll might still be around 20, 30 years from now.  Or I'll be dead tomorrow.   No dire diagnoses I'm aware of.  I've seen enough people go, I just want it known.  This is what I want.

There are other green cemeteries in my area.  A sacredmoment.com

Also, this one in Ferndale WA.


There are others in the country, too.

ABC News.com

Natural burial sites in the US

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We were just talking about green burial yesterday, and looked for the closest place for it. I've designated my body be used for medical purposes, then buried in the cheapest way that's legal. But sometimes even medical schools don't want an old used up corpse, in which case green burial would be far better than hogging land with a coffin or getting an energy intensive cremation.



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