A Presidential Candidate Willing to Get Arrested to Fight Foreclosu...

Stein got a good deal of attention Wednesday for a good reason. She was busted with fellow Greens and activists from the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign outside the Philadelphia office of Fannie Mae, the government-backed mortgage lender that is foreclosing on precisely the people it is supposed to help.

Most politicians avoid saying—let alone doing—anything of consequence regarding the foreclosure crisis. But Stein, her vice presidential running-mate (Cheri Honkala, who last year mounted a campaign for sheriff in Philadelphia as part of an anti-foreclosure fight), labor lawyer James Moran and Sister Margaret McKenna of the Medical Mission Sisters were arrested after attempting to gain access to the Fannie Mae office through an adjacent financial institution on Philadelphia’s “Bankers Row.”

The charge was one that any activist would be proud of: “defiant trespassing.”

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So she was arrested for protesting I assume. No freedom of speech there.

Yes. What other candidate does that? She's the only presidential candidate ready to step up personally for the environment. Part of why it's even possible is that the Green Party doesn't accept corporate donations, we members pay dues to support the party.

Go Stein!!!




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