2012 Green Party Candidates -- go to the website to get the latest news and list of Green Party Candidates.


Green Party Watch was created to provide a “daily dose of Green Party News &Views”. No website appeared to be doing what we wanted to see, so we created “…the change you want to see in the world…”.

The Green Party is an International Movement going back over 30 years. It has had a roller coaster ride in the U.S., but one thing is for sure – media coverage of the Green Party in the United States is barely noticeable at all.

Green Party Watch intends to change that. We intend to report what is happening with the Green Party in America from the Presidential Campaign to the local level.

Green Party Watch Editorial Team:

  • Ronald Kane Hardy, Co-founder & Owner
  • Gregg Jocoy, Co-founder & Editor
  • David Schwab, Editor & Correspondent
  • Walter Pituc, Editor & Correspondent

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Texas doesn't have any Green Party Candidates. I just checked.

Thanks for the link!


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