Now I'm not sorry I left the Green Party to vote for Bernie. Jill Stein isn't just out of touch with the urgency of the climate crisis, she may be out of touch with reality, in preferring tRump over Hillary.

The Green Party Openly Preferred George W. Bush in 2000 and Openly ...

The Greens’ Republican preference is madness but faithfully adheres to Nader’s description of the Green plan to assist Republican candidates in order to heighten public anger and desire for revolt. In that light, they must see Donald Trump as a dream come true. [emphasis mine]

We're angry enough. Bernie is the revolt. The Green Party sounds

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In order for change to happen, the shit must hit the fan. Though I dislike a few of Stein's positions, on the right wing bringing a crisis that will speed up change, she is right. The DEMs will constantly patch the bleeds, til we are all bled to death.

Yeah, but if tRump were elected we'd likely have global thermonuclear war within a year. That's not the kind of speeded-up change from which the Green Party can benefit.

A deeply insecure president with poor impulse control, who thinks of nuclear weapons as something with which to negotiate deals, --- aagh!

I do agree about DEMs constantly patching the bleeds, to preserve the system their big donors need.




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