I highly recommend Corey Robin's article Reclaiming the Politics of Freedom in The Nation, April 6th. "The secret of conservatism's success ... has been to locate this notion of freedom in the market. ... We must confront this ideology head-on... We must develop an argument that the market is a source of constraint and government an instrument of freedom. Without a strong government hand in the economy, men and women are at the mercy of their employer... the businessman imposes concrete and personal constraints on the freedom of individual citizens."


What's happening in Washington and Wisconsin are perfect examples of how abuses by corporate power explodes when corporations control government. Since the Republican and Democratic parties have both sold out to corporate masters, the Green party has a moral vacuum to fill here.

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I'm going through the article right now. Corporations really do control the parties - example would be Merck giving Perry money for the vaccinations he was going to require young women to take. I could give more examples. There are so many unfortunately.
I hadn't heard about that particular case. I'd appreciate a link, if you have one.
Here's a link to an article about it.




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