Jun 14, 2012
Roseanne Barr not giving up Green Party campaign

By Paul Singer, USA TODAY
Updated 4d ago

Down but not out, comedian Roseanne Barr says she is still in the running for the Green Party presidential nomination despite the fact that her opponent appears to have locked up the race.

Party officials say that Jill Stein -- a physician who ran against Mitt Romney for governor of Massachusetts as the Green Party candidate in 2002 – is the presumptive nominee, having secured a majority of the delegates to next month's national convention in Baltimore. A Stein press release says she now has 203.5 of the 304 convention delegates.

When Stein went over the magic number with California's June 5 primary victory, Barr tweeted that she was dropping out of the party and launching the Green Tea Party, the San Jose Mercury News reported.

But Barr – who starred in the hit sit-com Roseanne in the 1980s and 1990s – apparently has had a change of heart.

Spokeswoman Anita Stewart said in a e-mail late Wednesday "As I write this, Candidate Barr is still campaigning for the Green Party. I don't have any other official word at this time. She has definitely not dropped from the race. If and when we get any changes to this, we will put out a press release immediately."

Earlier this week, Barr wrote a series of tweets arguing that she has earned the right to speak at the convention because "I received more delegates than any other challenger hs received (i broke thru the mandated wall)-I received nearly ALL votes by ppl of color."

The Green Party presidential nominee will appear on general election ballots in more than 20 states in November.


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