The latest Freethought Radio podcast ( features and interview with a man who interviewed Scandinavians to determine that secular societies are, contrary to popular American Christian belief, actually quite nice. They really talk up Denmark, and anyone who hasn't been here would probably come away with the impression the streets are made of gold and we have rivers of beer. What do you think about this interview?

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I'm reading Zuckerman's book now , googled the title within Atheist Nexus,and found your comment that related to the radio interview with the author.
I'm loving the book ! And am not surprised at the concept as,I myself,have been quite happy,healthy,and content with my secular life approach - but a whole society .....? This book outlines the current reality that is akin to an experiment to question an hypothesis,eg. : does a society go downhill when religion is gone ? The well documented answer in Denmark/Sweden is amply apparent and acknowledged No!!! And furthermore ,on most polls of personal contentment with one's society/life/environment , Scandinavia wins top scores.
The book contains many individual interviews which show an interesting style of maintaining christian "values",(morals,weddings,baptisms...)but at the same time not believing in gods,heaven,miracles,or church going......this book has been a real pleasure for me !




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