So... since most of you guys were probably always fairly non-religious... being brought up in Denmark and all... but when did you guys become aware.. or interested in religion... or rather... your relation to it.

For me it was when we had our confirmation. I did not understand what it was for... so I asked. "To confirm that you believe in God".,.. which I didn't. Hence I found it wrong to be confirmed and was told that if you do not believe in a god.. then your an atheist.
10 years on... and I am still an atheist. A bit more experience... and a bit more research... still havn't found any evidence yet.

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I hope you don't mind my joining, as I'm not actually a Danish atheist, but I'm an atheist in Denmark, and I'm married to a Danish atheist and pregnant with another. ;)

I was raised in a religious (Methodist) family, in the Bible Belt of America. You can probably find a thousand stories like mine on the Internet already! I hope to see more people reply, though. It has been my experience that the vast majority of Danes don't actually care enough one way or the other to declare themselves either theist OR atheist.
Hi there ... I just joined the Nexus, and was thrilled to find a group of danish atheists.

I am 44 - and was raised christian. Not fundamentalist, even though both my parents were raised "Indre Mission" (a rather fundamentalist branch of lutherans, at least for Denmark). But saying prayers every night before sleeping and being raised with a christian world view.

As an adult I tried really hard, to make sense of my religion. I couldn't just be halfways in, as a lot of danes are. But the more I studied and tried, the harder it got, until I finally shed myself of faith - it was like shrugging out of a sweater that was itchy and too tight.

To me, christianity is not love and acceptance and safety. It is guilt and sin and worry. And I am ever so happy to be rid of it. So I would like for others to see the light and pull the wool from their eyes. And I believe that openly being an atheist is setting an example to others, and making them realize that you can be happy, thriving and a good person - without superstition.

I am happily married to an atheist man, and I work in a software company. And I live in Denmark :)

Lorry - you must be experiencing quite a difference in the level of secularity from where you were raised :-) I hope Denmark is treating you well!




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