Kerovnian is a dark ambient project of Vlad K. who originally played black metal in several bands. It started in 1997 as support music for poetry evenings of Vlad's best now late friend, Herr Skoko Georges Angelovsky. Eventually it grew into a full project of some of the darkest ambient music available. Inspired by stories of horror writer H.P. Lovecraft and Necronomicon, Vlad successfully recreated horrors from Lovecrafts stories into dark ambient music.


Maelstrom interview:

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I'll explore these links later, but I think I just found a new favorite artist. Thanks! Awesome!

You just gave me a woody!
Man, this is so great. I've listened to it many times today already. You wouldn't want to email me some MP3s would ya?
Hello, Dallas.

Kerovnian in this fan video taken from F.E.A.R. (video game) is totally unsettling. The music alone is not for the faint of heart.

I will try to get mp3s today and attached it here. Glad you liked it.
So you're saying that the visuals from this video are from a video game? I assume the introduction to it. I'll check out more of his vids on youtube when I can, though I'm sure I'll have to wade through the fan-made crap.
Roy, I can not tell you how much I have enjoyed this piece. I listen to it over and over again, either reduced in the background or just to watch the video again. I am also trying to explore the other videos you created. YOU ARE MY NEW FAVORITE PERSON!
Guess what, found a download link for the entire album, From The Depths Of Haron. Searched through the black metal forums and blogspots and finally found it!

The little ghostly girl, Alma is a cute but creepy character. Glad you appreciate the work of Kerovian as much as I do.




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