November 8th, 2016 the universe plunged into a dark abyss.

Everyone in touch with the real world is reeling as magical thinking and hate triumph. The last vestiges of US democracy will swiftly be obliterated. The Alt-right will surely use their sweeping new power for permanent control of the country. They control all three branches of government and both houses in all but 8 states legislatures. There never will be a democratic election again here, as new laws and even constitutional amendments will make their police state permanent.

image source - screen cap from video of LA protest

The LA protest speaks for me too.

Very likely many of the Germans who voted for Hitler didn't have in mind human skin lampshades.

image source

Very likely the majority of US citizens who voted for tRump didn't know that the Alt-right was Neo-Nazi.

The world recovered from Hitler's election. All it took was a world war and 80 million deaths. There's no recovery from this because Climate Destabilization plus Nuclear Overkill.

We blinked and reality switched places with TV "reality".

image source

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This isn't the first time America has elected a Fascist or ushered in a Fascist majority - probably not the last time either. Democracy has survived and even flourished. America survived too, albeit did not flourish. And Democracy never completely lost its grip here, either.

I said the same things as you back when ronald Reagan got elected on obvious lies and subtle racism, and again when little Skippy Bush got selected through massive voter fraud.

We are not safe by a long shot, but all is not lost. We must endure, and fight back the forces of Fascism, and deal with what comes next as it comes.

Sean, I see what's happening as a completely different in scale to Regan or Bush Jr. Even the GOP has drastically changed, shifted over into "Nazis are one of us" territory.

Here's an example of how the Alt-right differs from Regan and Bush Jr. from An Actual Conservative's Guide To The Alt-Right: 8 Things You Need ....

The Alt-Right wants to burn American politics to the ground. The Alt-Right most immediately opposes conservatism, as Youth for Western Civilization founder Kevin Deanna explained in his Taki’s Magazine and piece titled “The Impossibility of Conservatism.” The Alt-Right contains a who’s-who of right-wing voices that have been “purged” from the conservative movement by William F. Buckley and National Review, like Peter Brimelow and John Derbyshire, and Alt-Right leaders like Vox Day described the movement in an interview as “the heirs to those like the John Birch Society who were read out of the conservative movement.” Steve Bannon, who refashioned the website of conservative icon Andrew Breitbart into “the platform for the Alt-Right,” has encouraged activists to “turn on the hate” and “burn this bitch down.” But while conservatism is its most immediate target, the Alt-Right seeks to destroy a far older, more central American idea referenced frequently by Ronald Reagan and dating back beyond Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address and Alexis de Tocqueville’s Democracy In America to John Winthrop’s “City On A Hill” sermon: America as a proposition nation.

Pepe comes at a price, and the cost of the ideas he touts would be the legacy of Reagan, Lincoln, and Jefferson in exchange for the flip-side of the leftist identity politics that conservatives have so long decried.

The Alternative Right asks conservatives to trade God for racial identity, liberty for strongman statism, and the unique American idea that “all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights” for a cartoon Nazi frog.

BTW, tRump tweeted an image of himself as Pepe, to make his values clear.




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