I dont see anything wrong with a serious relationship being mostly based on good sex.

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I feel sex is one of the most if not "the" most important aspect of a relationship. If you dont turn me on enough then I get bored and then I cheat on you and things get messy after that. Ive been told I have the personality of a dude lol. You know what I call a relationship with bad or awkward sex-(relation-shit!) So I agree with you serious relationships are awesome but only if the sex is equally as awesome.


exactly, infact my last partner and me would argue when we weren't together then just have crazy amounts of sex and appologies and then do it all over again, It's been fun :D

I think that's what I'm "stuck" in right now. She's beautiful so every guy's dream no-strings-attached-sex  partner/situation is a little bit of a pain in the ass for me.

Don't get me wrong,there's nothing bad about the scenario -It's just that even though I don't look like it I am getting older.That means you start looking for something with more substance & stability behind it.

I know that may sound boring to most,but the great sex without some type of intellectual and / or emotional connectivity developing somewhere along the lines doesn't appeal to me very much these days (well,not for very long anyway).Now if I was in my early 20's again (like she is) it'd be a whole different story all together!

I guess I'll just have to take the good with the "bad" for now & roll with the punches.It is ,after all better than nothing.

BTW I am absolutely NOT LoL.I know I'm short & ugly so I don't even get what the appeal is half of the time.I was genuinely not happy in the situation for the most part.But it's all almost completely over & done with now,the friends with benefits thing never lasts too long and runs it's course eventually.
oops ".....absolutely NOT *bragging*




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