from the title you can see that im not to familiar with the motives of making one self a goth, isn't it just a trend like playing the part of a prep or emo or jock? and i don't mean to offend or throw false accusations (so correct me so i can learn) or imply any life style as inferior or superior but most places around where i live being a goth gets you ignored by the majority population so with a group so outcasted why would goths cling to a trend when trends (and stupid people who make outcasting for appearence possible) are the part cause of so many burdens one experiences by being an outcast. my only assumption is because they still want to fit into a identifiable social group as to not feel totally as an outcast and/or because those individuals are social so being in a group or trend allows them to be social while staying out of the larger more "acceptible" groups for whatever reason (maybe to not have the expectation of staying "normal"). any thoughts or perspectives iv not thought of?

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The issue here is that you have made the common mistake of assuming that all of the goth culture is the Hottopic bastardization of goth culture. In reality the culture is broader then most people would want to believe, and is far more inclusive then is popular culture admits to. In the interest of full disclosure, I have to admit that once upon a time I was "Hottopic Goth" kid. I quickly moved on to the more realistic non-emo goth lifestyle. As to being an outcast, I work 40+ hours a week as an IT administrator, It has been many years since I have been an "outcast". It is a new world, and as long as you are not a dick about it, the world is becomeing a more accepting place (as long and you are not homosexual, wanting to get married)

lol i guess my question and statements really go out to the hottopic goths than lol but looking into actual goth culture should be much more interesting, is the more realistic goth culture of heritage and tradition (yes im thinking of the actual goths which i think were viking heritage hopefully im not mistaken) or is this realistic goth culture a lifestyle developed over time
ohhh i think i was right although its more complicated than i had it seemed, the goths where eastern germanic tribe (known as two tribes because they were so large) but even they orignated from Scandinavia which invaded a large part of the world beginning at 793 AD so to study the goths is really to study Scandinavian heritage and and differences that accorded when they settled in eastern germany

As for origins of the the modern goths I would say that the major influences would be; Robert Smith of the cure, and Alice Cooper. without either of them we would really have no shock rockers and common acceptance of most goth looks. 


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