Do you enjoy dark drama? Theatre, perhaps, movies, TV dramas, multiplayer games? *sigh* Imagine the greatest possible dark drama, with the universe is scripted around your life this instant. Imagine you stand on the most momentous stage possible, dwarfing everything else. The fate of humanity depends on your choices. The world you've always knows rests on a cosmic hinge. A cosmic hinge so sensitive that your hand could push the whole world toward life or death.

Imagine it's already moving toward death, but hardly anyone around you notices.

It's like a sci-fi disaster movie, where only a hand full of scientists realize the Earth's in danger. A few plucky people don't want to believe the scientists at first, but soon get it. Next thing you know, the world rests on their heroism.

Take a breath.

This cosmic drama is real.

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I rewatched "Climate Heroes vs Final Madness", just now, after learning we're already at 1°C rise. The news of yet another strain of flesh-eating bacteria didn't lighten the mood.


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