I'm attempting to organize a committee in my city to plan activities in celebration of the 200th anniversary of Darwin's birth in 2009.

Is anyone else involved in planning celebrations? Do you have any ideas/tips to share?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi James,

I'm also considering getting some University profs involved. I also plan to talk to the paleontologists at our Natural History Museum.

I've been attending the local UU Fellowship and have started to plant seeds about planning something.

Some other ideas I'm considering:
- Spore Creature Creator contest
- T-shirts
- Dinner & Lecture series
- Parade or picnic
- apply for Gov't grant

Thanks for your input!
We're celebrating a Year of Darwin activities at Case Western Reserve University beginning this fall. I built the site, http://www.case.edu/darwin/, but it was really our faculty who led the project. They formed a committee over a year ago that started planning topics, inviting speakers and so forth. While we're having many guest speakers, we also plan to add smaller events throughout the year, including lectures by professors from an array of fields. Some of these events have also been coordinated with neighboring institutions such as the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. If you can work with faculty and museum staff in your area that might be a great way to start.
Thanks for the suggestions.

Some other ideas I've been considering:

- Screenings of the movie "Inherit the Wind" followed by discussion
- Encourage a local drama group to stage the play "Inherit the Wind"
- Create an "Understanding Evolution" course to be offered through the local Unitarian Fellowship
So, with the 200th Darwin anniversary over, I am wondering what worked best and what didn't work so well? Any feedback or assessment?




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