The Beagle Project is an ambitious attempt to raise awareness about science by re-creating Charles Darwin's voyage on The Beagle.

My name is Glendon, and I'm an oil painter and illustrator. I've opened up on online reproduction shop through Redbubble. In support of this endeavour, I am now offering my popular Darwin Took Steps image as a variety of prints, greeting cards and a variety of sweatshop-free t-shirts, with a portion of the money to go to The Beagle project.

You can also donate directly to The Beagle Project, but why not pick up a greeting card for next Darwin Day?

I've posted this also in Atheists Who Love Science and Atheist News.

The intention is not to spam, but to raise awareness in various groups. I think the Beagle Project is a wonderful and inspiring way to promote Darwin Day 2009.


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