I am about to pick out my gravestone.  I need to come up with something I want written on it.  I have some ideas...


This isn't meant to be a discussion about whether or not to be buried or have a stone. 


What do you think you would want on your gravestone, if you were to have one?

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dr. kellie, welcome to this group. Your question is what I would like to decide as well. I want a stone, but I want my ashes spread into a natural setting. Some of the gravestones in my hometown cemetery indicate ashes are scattered else where, so I am not so different in that respect. As to wording, I also seek some suggestions. 

Thanks, Joan.  I love reading your posts, and thank you for inviting me to join the group.  I have some ideas, and they are mostly funny and offensive, and things I wouldn't do in real life.  I'll post some tomorrow.

Looking forward to your posts, especially the "offensive" ones. 

I will be buried in Port Aransas, TX (on an island), and I don't think it will be very deep, as it will be in a sand dune without much depth before you reach water.


The best idea I had came on Sunday.  How about, "I'm finding this death thing really hard to masturbate to."


That would really rile people up:)


My plot has been waiting for me since before I was born.  I am the last of the line in my family. 

dr kellie, my imagination is running away with me. A thousand years from now, when archeologists dig up old bones they will find yours with your skeleton intact and your hands tickling your crotch. 

My next door neighbor keeping popping her head over the fence to discover why I am laughing. This one, I didn't tell her. 

Lovely.  I also entertained something like, "I'm going to drink your blood."

I'm not thinking about my gravestone, and I don't think I will have one, I want my usable parts recycled and the ashes of the unusable parts thrown in the North Sea. But I remember seeing a gravestone perhaps twenty years ago, with the words ´Ik heb geleefd!´ ´I have lived!´ A good text!

What is the tradition for burials in the Netherlands? Is the altitude below sea level, or very flat at sea level? When I think of the Netherlands I think of land claimed from the sea. 

We're all below sea level here in the west of the Netherlands, but on average no more than three metres.  I know the cemetaries are often on a mound with extra drainage so the coffins are not in the underground water. The traditional burial was always xtian, but now people just do what they think is appropiate.  

I think three metres is equal to nine feet +, is that correct. We still aren't on metric.  
Donating organs makes sense to me. My neighbor across the street had a two year old and eight year old daughters when her heart disintegrated. Within hours she had a new heart and the youngest girl graduated from high school a couple of years ago. She was able to raise her girls and she is still doing very well. She said all food tastes like metal, and she has a lot of medications to take for life. Very often I look across at her puttering in her rose garden and marvel that she is still alive and thriving. I like your plan!  

three metres is equal to nine feet  - I think that's right, so the lowest point around here is some 18 feet below sea level. I witnessed the decline of someone who died in the end for want of new kidneys and it triggered my decision to be a donor.  

I really like that.




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